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Good morning Nursery,


We hope you had a lovely weekend. 


Task 1

Our new letter of the week is 'z'.



Practise the action by pretending to be a bee, with elbows in, and hands flapping, saying zzzzzzzz.


Can your child think of any words that begin with the letter 'z'?

Watch the Espresso clip below.


Task 2

This week we will learn about what we need to do to take care of where we live. Ask your child what they think they could do to look after where they live. Listen to the story 'Messy Magpie'.

Ask your child the following questions: What was Morris collecting? Were the humans really leaving Morris presents? What were the humans really doing? How did the rubbish harm where Morris lived? What did the animals do to help make where they lived better? 


Task 3

Go for a nature walk . Can your child spot any trees, birds, flowers or insects? How many can they count? If you want you could use the tally chart below to mark the number of each thing found on their walk. All they need to do is take a pencil with them and make a line in the correct box every time they spot something that matches one of the things on their sheet. When you get back see if they can count their tally marks and write the total in the box. If they're not too tired, then when you get back, they could draw a picture of all the wonderful things they've seen.

We hope you have a great day,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson