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Monday 5th October

Good Morning Year 2.  I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend at home with your families.  I'm sure you're ready to do another few days of Home Learning.  Mrs Nicholds and I are missing you all and we can't wait to see you on Friday laugh


Following feedback from a parent (much appreciated, thank you smiley),  I am going to put the maths answers on the website on the same day that the work is set.  So, this means that you can go through the work after the task, which is a good idea, as it will still be 'fresh'. 


It's really useful to know how it's going for you, as parents, so any tweaks that we can make to make it more workable for you, we're happy to do it if and when possible. 



Happy Fact: A Museum of Happiness has opened in Denmark - it's all about understanding and sharing the science of happiness.  Sounds amazing!  Or, would you rather visit the National Poo Museum on the Isle of Wight which opened in 2016? surprise


Have you been reading every day and asking an adult to write in your homework diary?  It doesn't always have to be reading a book.  You might be reading a comic/magazine, instructions for a lego model etc.  Just try reading something different or ask an adult to read you a story if they don't already do this.  It will all help. 

Morning Work

Your morning work today is our number of the week.  See the sheet attached and have a go at filling in all the boxes around the number.


Now it's time for Maths and you will start with the Flashback 4 activity.  It shouldn't take too long to complete.

Once you have finished Flashback 4, it's time for the main Maths activity for today.  I'm starting off the week with an easy task about number bonds.  This is revision work so it shouldn't take long.  The only question that is more tricky is number 7, but give it a go anyway. 
GOAL: knowing number bonds.
The extension activity is number bonds to 20 or 100 (Just do one page from either number bonds to 20 or 100 - not all of them).


GOAL: comparing the life of a child in the UK to the life of a child in rural Africa.


Today's work in English is to think about how your life compares to the life of a child in rural Africa.  Have a look at the powerpoint and then complete the activity. 


You will need to write what is the same (similarities) and what is different (differences) in your lives.  You can print the page on the link below to work on, or just draw the grid onto paper/into your book. 


I'm sure that this task will make you feel happy and grateful for everything that you have 

                                        Have a great week laugh