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Good morning everyone! Here is your Monday morning dance exercise


Take a look at the new Home Learning Sheet on the ‘Reception’ page for this half term. Our new topic is …

We are going to begin our topic with looking at what kinds of animals live in the jungle. Look through the Power-point with an adult and have a go at guessing which animal you can see through the ‘binoculars’. You may know some of the animals and you may have never heard of some others!

Choose a couple of animals you would like to research more into. Write down some interesting facts about your chosen animals. Remember to use your phonics to sound out your words, leave spaces in between your words and have a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end.

Now have a go at the ‘I spy count and add’ jungle work sheets. Use a different coloured pen to cross off each animal as you count it. This way you won’t get muddled up. You can use objects or a 1 – 20 number-line (attached) to help you to add the two numbers together. Can you remember how to write the ‘teens’ numbers? There is a pattern!

White Rose Maths

The book of choice this week is ‘The Snail and the Whale’! Fits in quite nicely with our new topic.

Today it looks at spirals. To link it to our topic you could make a patterned snake spiral dangler.

Marvellous Maths - Money

This week we are looking at ‘beginning to use everyday language related to money’ and so will be working on it as a whole class.

Open the attached power point for recognising coins. You don’t need to write anything down, it’s just to see if you know what the coins are called and if you recognise any of them.

Coins are all worth a different amount. Some are worth more than others. I wonder if you can figure out which is worth the least and then put the coins in order to the most?

Print out the slides (2 to a page) or ask an adult to draw the coins, or even use the real coins if you have them, and have a go at either sticking or placing the coins in order of amount from the smallest to the biggest.