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Hello Year 6,


I hope that you had a good weekend. I hope that you are also enjoying reading or listening to Kensuke's Kingdom.


Today in maths you are going to recap how to use operations in the correct order. I have recorded a Loom video going though a PowerPoint on ordering operations. You can also have a look at the BBC website and then I have written a reminder sheet which explains the order in which you complete operations. Have a look at this too. Work though the Target Your Maths questions, then if you would like to do  bit more to make sure you are completely confident, have a go at the questions on the PDF.


For literacy, listen to the Loom recording of me reading Chapter 4 Gibbons and Ghosts. Think about how frightening it must have been for Michael when he fell over board and when he woke up on the island. Afterwards, I want you to write about a  time in your life when you have been really frightened. See planning sheet for all the details. 


Practise this week's spellings to be tested on Friday.


Have a good day!


Mrs Betteley

Order of operations questions from Target Your Maths

Literacy - writing about a scary experience