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Anti-bullying week 16th - 20th Nov 2020

Nursery - Showing kindness

Nursery have been using their circletime buddy 'Lola the Leopard' to talk about being kind to others. They played a game where they sorted pictures of people showing kind and unkind behaviour. The children then passed Lola around the circle and told her something they think they could do to be kind. 

Then the children drew pictures of people being kind and friendly!

Well done Nursery!

Year 1 and their odd socks!

Designing Odd Socks

The year 1 children all designed their own pair of odd socks. On one sock they drew a picture of themselves and how they are unique and on the other sock they drew a kind themed pattern or a picture of a kind action. They are fantastic and the children have worked really hard on these!

What have we learnt this week?

At the end of the week, Year 1 drew picture of something they had learnt from Anti-Bullying Week. Some pictures feature the children being kind to each other or show how they are different to others with their 'unique' features! They then wrote a sentence to explain their picture. This was done of special 'sock' themed paper and the children listened to 'friendship' music whilst they were working! So lovely! Well done Year 1.

Year 2 and their odd socks!

Year 2 - Showing Kindness

The year 2 children have been writing on puzzle pieces for a whole school display. They have been thinking about ways in which they can be a kind friend, and then decorating their pieces afterwards. They have also created their own class pledge to show they are 'United Against Bullying' and all signed it.

Great work Year 2!

Year 4 and their odd socks!
Year 5 and their odd socks!

Year 5 - 'Wing'

On Tuesday 17th Nov, in class 5, the children retold the story of Wing (based on a film clip from the Anti-bullying Shed on the Literacy Shed). It is a story about a bird, Wing, who looks a bit different and is picked on and bullied by some menacing crows.

The children described what happened and were asked to add a slogan for the crows about anti-bullying. Here are some examples of the children's work!

Well done guys!

Year 6 and their odd socks!

Year 6 - How Can I Be A Good Friend?

The children have been decorating puzzle pieces to create a whole school 'Friendship' display. On their puzzle pieces they wrote how they think they can be a good friend. As a whole class, the children came up with a pledge of how they will work together to be 'United Against Bullying'. They then all signed the pledge.

Good work Year 6 - Our role models!