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Project 6 - 06.07.20

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to week 6 project!


We've been doing this in school this week and the results have been beautiful so I thought you would like a go at home!


First of all, watch this video on YouTube.  I am aware that you won't all have the resources needed to complete this activity - but underneath are lots of ideas for adaption of the activity to make it work with materials you might have at home. 



Easy Drawing for Beginners with Oil Pastels - Flower Scenery - Step by Step

Things Used ( Affiliate Links ) :- Paper : Masking Tape : Oil Pastels : Tissue Paper ...

If you have oil pastels and thick paper then go for it with this activity! If not, then the following ideas can be used to create similar effects.


Use coloured pencils to blend colours together - pressing lighter and harder will create different effects and shades.


Use paint - thicker paint creates a heavier colour whereas a lighter application of paint creates a lighter shade.  You can also investigate mixing white and black to colours to make them lighter and darker.  Water colour paints are good for creating shades with paint.


Use coloured paper or cut out blocks of colour from magazines and newspapers to create a shaded effect.


Use natural materials.  There are so many beautiful shades of green available at the moment.


I have included some images below of shading in different types of art work to give you inspiration!  


Enjoy and have fun!  This is our final project so please send work through to the galley so I can see!

Colouring pencils
Colouring Pencils
Natural materials