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Project Week 1 - 01/06/20

Year 3’s topic for this term is France. Here is your knowledge organiser:

France is famous for its food. So, this is where we are going to start learning about our European neighbour.


As usual, just do your best, but don’t worry if you don’t complete both parts of the work…


GOAL: To Learn About and Make Some French Food


1) Make a Menu

You are going to create a menu showing famous French foods. It can have lots of pictures and be 1 or more pages long. This can either be in your book or on card / paper. Try to think of some starters, main courses and puddings. You can add prices in Euros too.


Useful vocabulary includes:


Starters - Entrées

Main Courses – Plats Principaux

Cheeses - Fromages

Puddings – Desserts

Drinks – Boissons


You could add a cheese course too, that is very French. It comes before the pudding!


(Garniture au choix means “extras of choice” – Extras)


This example menu may help you:

This PowerPoint may help you:
These websites may help you:

2) Make a French Food!

You can make any French food you like but I have included a recipe for something simple that has no complicated ingredients – Crepes. My recipe also includes an extension task - this is to turn the Crepes into "Crepes Suzette".


Recipe for Crepes (Can you work out what Crepes means yet?):

I hope you enjoy this task and please send pictures of your creations to our gallery; I’d love to see them.