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Project Week 1

Talk for Writing (Looking, in depth, at one story over the course of 2 weeks)


Open the attached 'Jack and the Beanstalk' powerpoint. Discuss with your child first if they know what happens in the story. What happens first? Next? What does the giant say? What will happen at the end? Then read through with your child, talking about it with your child as you go along, looking at the illustrations etc. Try to use lots of expression in your voice and maybe even different voices for different characters!

Throughout the rest of this week, try to re-read the story each day, everytime, encouraging your child to retell more and more of the story themselves. You can also create a 'storymap' together, drawing the sequence of events in the story in order (We have done this lots in class so your child should know what to do and can show you!). 

There are a wide variety of resources to print off or use on the website 'Twinkl' such as sequencing cards, cut out characters, counting etc.

Oxford Reading Owl

I have set up a login for the Oxford Reading Owl website to gain access to e-books for your children to read whilst at home during this period.


Password: Purple20

Once logged in, click on the 'Books' tab and then click on 'Free ebook library'. 

In the first sentence click on the highlighted link 'ebook library'. 

Now click on the 'levels' tab and select 'Letters and Sounds Phase'. 

You can select 'Phase 2' - Read 'Big Bad Bug' (Click on the book and select 'Read ebook'). 

You can select 'Phase 3' - Read 'A Dog's Day'.

For both books, there are extra activities to do at the top of the page so feel free to do these as well. Twice a week, I will post different books to read. Feel free to make any observations on how well your child got on with reading these books.