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Project Week 1 - 01/06/20

Reading - Oxford Reading Owl

This week login to Oxford Reading Owl and click on ‘Browse E-book Library’. Then click on ‘Book Type’ and select ‘Phonics’. Then click on ‘All Ages’ and select ‘4-5 Years’.

Mrs Huckfield’s Group – Nok Can Fix It & An Odd Bug

Miss Johnson/Mrs Chambers Group – The Starfish & Turnip is missing



Listening/Writing project

Please listen to my ‘Loom’ video of the rhyming book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. Whilst listening to the book, I would like you to listen out for the rhyming words. At the end of the book I will be recapping over some of the rhyming sentences to see if you can remember the rhyming words. Have a go at writing these down using your phonic knowledge.

Remember, you can listen to this book as many times as you like over the week. This book is slightly different this week as I don’t expect you to remember it like you would do a story. We are going to use this book to help us with our writing task. I would like you to pick a jungle animal and with an adult, you are going to create a small rhyme to describe the animal. Here are some ideas on how you could go about it…

  • Research jungle animals and choose one you would like to write your rhyme about.
  • Create a mind-map of words to describe the animal (colour, size, personality, pattern, what it likes to do).
  • Try to think of some rhyming words to go with these words. E.g. Black, back, tall, fall.
  • Your adult could now help you to form some sentences with these words to create a rhyme like the ones in the book.


  • You could create an Acrostic poem where you write the name of the animal down the side of a page with each letter on an individual line and then think of a word/sentence to describe the animal beginning with each letter in its name. I have attached an example for you to have a look at.