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Project Week 2 - 08/06/20

Year 3’s Science topic for this term is Forces and Magnets. Here is your knowledge organiser:

There are three tasks. As usual, just do your best, but don’t worry if you don’t complete all the work…


GOAL: Forces all Around Us

Forces are just Pushes or Pulls that make objects (things or people) move.  First, watch this BBC BiteSize video to introduce the idea:

So, Forces make things move. Forces are drawn as arrows. In this picture, the push force is drawn as a grey arrow. The Force is large, so the arrow is large. The box and bear will move in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Force Arrow Shows Direction of Movement

Task 1

In this clip from BBC BiteSize, you’ll see lots of examples of forces happening:

Pick up to 2 or 3 of these examples and try and draw a picture of what is happening. If you pick the rocket launching (like the SpaceX on Saturday), for example, then you’ll need to draw the rocket and a large arrow pushing down from the bottom of the rocket. Label the Force.

Task 2

Sometimes there are two Forces acting on an object. If one is pushing and one pulling (and they are the same size) there will be no movement. It’s like a tug-of-war where the sides are equal. The Forces are balanced. If one Force is larger, then it wins and the object will move in that direction.


Now watch this clip from BBC BiteSize on balanced and unbalanced Forces:

If you scroll down on this page, you can have a go at putting in the Force arrows too.


Now, draw a tug of war which is unbalanced. You could have people or even animals! Make sure you draw in the two Force arrows (one larger and one smaller).

Example (without the Force arrows)

Task 3

Finally, you are going to test an idea: “Larger forces are needed to make a vehicle move on rougher surfaces than on smoother surfaces.” When we went to the Transport museum in Coventry, we had a go at something a little like this.


Follow the instructions in this document and look at the video by Miss Miller explaining the task:


I hope you enjoy this task and please send pictures of your investigation to our gallery; I’d love to see them.