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Project Week 2 - 8/06/20

Reading - Oxford Reading Owl


This week login to Oxford Reading Owl and click on ‘Browse E-book Library’. Then click on ‘Book Type’ and select ‘Phonics’. Then click on ‘All Ages’ and select ‘4-5 Years’.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group – A Dog’s Day & Rag the Rat


Miss Johnson/Mrs Chambers Group – What Is It? & Stuck In The mud

Listening/Writing project

Please listen to my ‘Loom’ video where I am reading a book called ‘Open Very carefully’. This is a slightly different book again as it is not necessarily a story.

After listening to the story, have a think about where you think the character might go next. What will he/she do while they are there? I would like you to…

  • Create a mind-map of places this character might go to next
  • Think about what he/she might do
  • Fill in the printable booklet or create your own, drawing pictures of what the character is doing. Write a sentence underneath each one to describe what is happening in the picture. Try to use of some the sounds you have been learning, and the tricky words.

For example, the character might end up in your toy box. They might have a race with your toy cars, or try to eat the pretend food for the play kitchen!