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Project Week 2 - 8/06/20

Hello Year 6,


Your project for this week is to find out about the digestive system. There is  a PowerPoint for you to look at. It is very detailed but it does give very comprehensive information about how the digestive system works. Have a look at it first then look at some BBC video clips.


Your task is to write what happens when you eat a piece of pizza. Describe the journey from your mouth through all of the digestive system right the way through to your anus! Describe the processes that will happen to that piece of pizza, trying to use as much of the scientific terms as possible. You might like to start this task by drawing a poster which shows the digestive system, labelling each part of it.


Have fun with it and I am sure you will learn a lot about your body!


Mrs Betteley

Blank diagram of the digestive system