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Project Week 3- 20/04/20

Oxford Reading Owl


This week I would like you to read...

Phase 2 - Tin Cat and Peck, Peck

Phase 3 - An Odd Bug and Quiz


Username -

Password - Purple20

Writing Project

This week I would like you to have a go at writing a few sentences about what you have done over the Easter holidays. Have you been out walking? If so, where did you go? Have you been playing games at home? What did you play? Have you been planting, eating Easter eggs, or baking?

REMEMBER...To write on lines, leave spaces between your words, put capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and full stops at the end. And don’t forget about forming your letters correctly!


Reading project

One of the reading objectives for Reception is that the children can follow a story without pictures or props. This week I would like you to read a story to your child without letting them see the pictures. Throughout the story, please ask them questions at certain places, about what you have already read. For instance, if you were reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and you had read up to the part where the wolf is going to grandma’s house, you could ask ‘So where is little red riding hood going? What is in her basket? Who is she going to visit?’ You could also ask future questions so your child can predict, such as ‘What do you think will happen next? What do you think the wolf might do? What might happen to grandma?

The story I would like you to read to your child is Ronald the Rhino. I have uploaded the Powerpoint version of the story for parents to read from. Please do not let your child look at the screen or peek at the pictures! This is a strictly ‘listening and speaking’ activity!

I have also come up with some examples of questions you may ask your child at certain places during the story, just to give you an idea of what things your child should have picked up on whilst listening.

End of pg 4 – What is the name of the Rhino? What is he eating off the forest floor? Why is he sad?

End of pg 6 – Who did he try to look like? How did he try to make himself look like that? What kind of rhino is he?

End of pg 7 – What question does he keep asking himself?

End of pg 9 – So which animal did he try to be like next, after the leopard? What did he do to pretend to be this animal? Why did he let out a wail?

End of pg 11 – How did the leopard and the python describe the rhino? What did they say his skin looked like? And what about his legs?

Middle of pg 12 – What do you think he is going to do/see?

At the end of the story you can recap over the whole story. See if your child can remember the characters, the setting (Where they were) and some of the events that took place. Can they also remember the repeated question and phrase that the rhino kept saying?

I will add some ‘Talk for Writing’ activities for you to do during the week so continue to re-read and recap over the story everyday, and keep checking this project page as I will also choose some books from Oxford Reading Owl for your child to read.