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Project Week 4 - 22/06/20


This week’s project is Art – you are going to have three tasks based on pictures by French artist Claude Monet. These tasks will be similar to the ones we did in November when we looked at paintings by Kandinsky and when we looked at Van Gogh more recently. You don’t have to do them all, just do your best with the resources you have at home.


Can you tell what this picture is of? 

Picture 1

It's not immediately obvious as it looks a bit blurry; but the clue is in the name of the painting. It's called Water-Lilies. Can you see the shapes of the flat leaves and pale flowers on the shimmering water? It was painted by artist Claude Monet who was one of the main impressionist artists. It was painted in his garden at Giverny.


Impressionism is a style of painting that began in France in the early 1860s when artists started painting pictures outside, rather than in their studios. This was called 'en plein air' (which is French for open air). They wanted to capture moments in time. Because the light conditions kept changing, they had to work very quickly, using quick brushstrokes of paint.


Video about Monet’s work and life:

You can either produce your art in your lined book or, if you have some, use plain paper. Use a pencil for sketching and writing. Colour can be added in any way you like: crayons, felt tips or paints.


Task 1 – Examine art

In this PowerPoint, I have added a few paintings by Monet. They are very different in mood. Pick the one that you have the strongest reaction to (you don’t have to like it the most!) Now, if you can, stick a small copy of this picture in the middle of your page. If you don’t have a printer, just draw a quick sketch in a small box instead. Examine the painting closely and then write words (or a few words – no long sentences) all around the picture:


What does the picture make you feel?

Which adjectives describe the picture?


Task 2 – Extend an artwork

Pick another of Claude Monet’s paintings. I’d like you to print out a small (5 cm by 10cm, perhaps) copy of this picture and put in anywhere on your paper. Now, imagine this is only one part of the painting – continue it over the rest of the page. Use your imagination but try to keep in Monet’s style. Look carefully at the way he added the paint with short splashes and lines of colour. [If you can’t print it out, draw a rectangle and carry on the picture around that].


Task 3 – Create your own art in the style of Monet

Here are some examples of art that has been created in the style of Monet:

I’d like you to have a go. It can be a picture of something in your house or garden, or you could try and copy one of his pictures. The choice is yours.


Extension task (if you have some paints):

You will need some paper, paint/chalk and tape for this art project based on Monet. See how to create a bridge over water lilies by watching this video:

Extra task (if you don’t have paints):

You could try and use a drawing programme on your computer to recreate Monet’s style!


Good luck and I hope you enjoy the tasks…