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Project Week 7- 18/05/20


Oxford Reading Owl – Phase 2 – The Dragon Balloon & Run Tin Cat

Phase 3 – Jack & I Win



Please listen to my ‘Loom’ video’s of the story ‘The Day the Crayons quit’. I have split this into two videos as it is quite a long story if read all at once. Feel free to watch them on 2 separate days.

Answer my questions as you go along. You can listen to this story as many times as you like over the week to help to remember it. You could listen to it and ask an adult to pause it throughout, so that you can predict and try to remember what is going to happen next. See if you can remember some of the phrases in the story. You could also...


Create a story map or mind map of characters, settings and events.

Make puppets and backdrops to act out the story with.

Roleplay the story with the other people in your household.

Make up voices for the different characters.

Create a character description – As you can’t see the pictures you could imagine what the characters would look like or be wearing or how they would be feeling.

Draw a picture using all your favourite colours.


Writing project

Write a small letter to either one of the crayons or the whole box asking them to stay. Why should they stay? Because we need them? Because without them we would have no colour? They need to stay with their friends? What could Duncan do to change the way he uses the crayons? What promises could Duncan make to each crayon?