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Happy Christmas!


If you are unable to be in school because you are unwell or self-isolating then here are the resources for this week. There are assessments to complete but also some fun arty/ creative activities linked to the Anglo-Saxons and Christmas of course.


If you are unwell, get well soon and have a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


Best wishes,


Mrs Betteley

RE Day Wednesday 15th December 2021


Listen to the loom recording, where Mrs Betteley reads from the Children's Bible, providing a background to Jesus and the nativity.

Your task is the create a poster with the Ten Commandments. Write each one out numbered 1 to 10 and draw a picture for each of the commandments.


Think about how important these rules are in the way that people. We will then look in our next lesson at Jesus' mission.