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Before you start your work today I have clip for you to watch from a book called Flotsam by David Weisner. It is a wordless book, however the clip you will watch has been made into a story by some school children. Your reading comprehension today is based on a flotsam item.


GOAL about making inferences and find evidence in the text.

Before you begin you need to look these words up and write the meaning of the words in your book: flotsam, salvage, quay. The story for your reading comprehension today is written by Judith Heneghan, this short story was written specially for a book called WOW 366, each story in the book is exactly 366 words long. Remember to read your text through twice before you answer the questions. For some answers you need to think 🤔 carefully; you are making inferences which is where you use your knowledge and clues from the text.  When you have finished I would like you to write an alternative ending to the story where Jem opens the tin.


I have included your big maths, I have put Thursday and Friday’s work onto one sheet before you start, quickly scan and dot the easier ones so you can do those ones first. Time yourself for one minute, you should be improving your score each week.


In maths today we are continuing with the 24 hour clock. GOAL  using and ordering the 24 hour clock. 

Your first task is to complete worksheet 0 this is a recap on converting time between 24 and 12 hour clocks. Remember 24 hour clocks do not need AM or PM and the hour on the 24 clock must have 2 numbers for the hour time. Then if you do TYM A = worksheets 1a and b, TYM B = worksheets 2a and b, TYM C = worksheets 3a and b. If you have been able to complete the work you can challenge yourself to do the next worksheets. You can print the worksheets and write the answers on or write the answers into your book.  There is an extension activity on time.

It’s THANKFUL THURSDAY so here is your weekly joke and clip, from your book Flotsam there was a turtle; turtles are reptiles and spend most of their lives in water and have flippers whereas tortoises spend their lives on land.


What do you call a famous turtle?  A shellebrity.


What does a turtle do on its birthday?  It shellebrates.