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Good Morning Year 2. Keep up the reading and times tables practise.  Just do what you can and do your best.



GOAL: to compare lengths of time written in different ways.

Following on from yesterday, you should write all of the times in minutes (if they don't say 'minutes' e.g. half an hour = 30 minutes), so that you can compare the times more easily.  

Starter activity:  Use Hit the Button to practise times tables, especially 5s


I'd really like you to start working in your Mathletics books again from this week.  Just complete one page (some of you have two to complete), answering Sections A, B and C.


GOAL: to write a persuasive text.

Yesterday, you wrote a list saying why the tiny snail should and shouldn't go sailing with the whale.  Today you need to choose which side you agree with. So, do you think that the tiny snail should sail with the whale, or do you think that he shouldn't.  Read the document to find out more.