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Thursday 12th Nov

Dough Disco - Repeat song and movements by clicking on the link from yesterday. You could even just spend some time playing with your dough and making it into different shapes. Can you roll a sausage? Can you pat it down flat like a pancake? Can you prod it to make holes? Can you roll it into a ball? Cn you pinch it to make a bowl like a diva lamp? Can you use these shapes to make a face?

Here some activities that we would have had set up around the classroom for you to take part in independently. Pick and choose the ones you would like to do today and then save some for tomorrow! You can even do the same activity again as you may have done this in the classroom!


Maths - You may have some 2d shapes at home in a game perhaps or you could ask an adult to cut you some out of paper and then you could have  go at making a shape picture or your own Rangoli pattern. I have attached some shape pictures as inspiration if needed. I have also attached some Rangoli pattern templates you could use to stick sand onto or colour in!

I had even brought some rice to dye for you to use and this is what the Hindu's use to make their patterns. I have attached a recipe if you would like to have a go at home!

Construction - Making bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff. I our tuff tray at school we had a selection of materials such as small wooden blocks, cups, uncooked spaghetti, straws, card and scissors, lollypop sticks and lego. Using different objects from around the house, have  go at making  sturdy bridge that won't fall down! Try out different materials and different ways. 

Parents...try not to help your child too much. Let them experiment. Let their bridge fall down and ask them why they think it didn't work. See if they can find a solution or a different way. The best way for them to learn is to experience testing out ideas!

Phonics/Writing - Take a look at this Diwali powerpoint and remind yourself of all the different ways in which they celebrate this festival. Have a g at drawing a Diwali picture. Pick an object on the picture and have a go at labelling it by writing the sound that it begins with. Have a go with some other objects in your drawing. If you would like to challenge yourself, see if you can hear any other sounds in the word and write them as well. 

Parents...Encourage your child to say the word slowly to emphasise all of the sounds. This will help them to hear and pick out different sounds in the word. It does not matter that they re not 'spelling' the word correctly. At this stage in their lerning the most important skill is that they can hear sounds in words. 

Guided Reading - (Video from myself to follow ready for later!)



Miss Johnson's Group

  • Adult to say the sounds in  word and see if your child can blend the word you are sounding out. E.g. Say c - a - t and see if your child knows you re saying 'cat'. Try these words - p - i - g      s - a - t     p - i - n      t - o - p      m - a - t              l - o - g      h - e - n
  • Now introduce the new letter 'f'. Login in to Espresso using the login details from yesterday. In the search bar type 'Scraps phonics'. Click the 2nd link down that has a 'F' to the right hand side. Click on 'f' and watch the video. I have also uploaded a 'word' document, showing you the action we do for this letter. Your child can have  go at writing this letter. 
  • Remind your child that at school they have been listening to the sound at the end of a word. (Adult - Write these letters out in large on paper and cut them out...t, p, n, m, ck, s, g, d.
  • Open the 'word' document of end sound pictures. Look t each picture and encourage your child to hear the end sound for each picture and find the corrosponding letter that represents that sound. 

Mr Singleton's Group

  • Please login to the website link for 'PhonicsPlay' provided below. Username: march20 Password: home
  • Click on 'resources' and then 'phase 2' found at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the game 'flashcards speed trial' and as you hover over the game select '2'. Press 'start' and 'phase 2'. Choose your background, car colour and design and press 'go'!
  • Letters will pop up on screen and your child needs to say the sound for that letter (We have done this in class many times so they should know this!)
  • When finished, give your child some paper and a pencil. Click on 'phase 2' at the top again and scroll down to the 'pick  picture' game. Hover over it and press '2'. Select 'phase 2' and press 'start'. I would like your child to copy the word written on screen, to practice the formation of their letters. They can then sound out the word and blend it before selecting the picture it matches. 


That's it for today folks! Have fun (I'll post the video later for Guided Reading!) and ill see you tomorrow for some more activities, some P.E, some 'Talk Time' and some reading!