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Thursday 14th Jan

Good morning everybody!!


Funky fingers time again! Here are some activity ideas for you for today.


Post marbles or beads into narrow necked bottles


Popping bubbles on bubble wrap

Super Sentences


Just as before, copying those words and sentences. Watch out for letter formation and where the letters sit on the line!

Happy Handwriting - Group 4


Today we are going to move onto our 'Curly Caterpillar' letters (see the document uploaded yesterday).

Please practice 'c' and 'a'. You can login to 'Espresso' as before and search for 'handwriting' to find the videos for these letters.

To link with our new phonics scheme, please see the document, also uploaded yesterday, titled 'Letter formation patters'. These are small sayings that go with each letter from the phonics scheme that we will say to the children to help them to form their letters. This way they will make the link between the phonics picture for the sound/letter and how to write it!

P.E - Dance 'Til You Drop!


Warm up - Ask your child to find a space. Play some lively music and ask your child to dance to it however they would like!

Hold up a shape and encourage your child to make that shape with their body. Repeat this for a couple of minutes. Then, hold up a shape but ask your child to make that shape with different parts of their body e.g. arms, legs, tummy


Look at the 'Wheels on the Bus' rhyme poster. Practice singing the song and doing the traditional actions. 


Remind your child that we can perform dances in different ways. Talk about how we danced last week – in a ‘happy’ and a ‘sad’ way. Tell your child that this week, they will continue to practise dancing like this, but they are going to look at some more emotions: shy and excited.

Show your child the Dance Feelings Posters for happy, sad, shy and excited. Ask them to walk around the room in a ‘shy’ way, ‘excited’ way, ‘happy’ way, then ‘sad’ way. Talk about how they walked differently – did they change the speed of their walking when changing the emotion e.g. was happy fast and shy slow?

Next, ask your child to perform the rhyme ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ in a ‘shy’ and then ‘excited’ way – did the speed of the dance change?


Talk about the different dance styles from the previous lesson and look again at the Dance Styles Display Photos. Talk about these photos and discuss how they think the dancers would perform.   

Your child should now practise performing the same rhyme but in a rock ‘n’ roll style. Ask them if they can think about how to do this – prompt your child to include twist and turns, and move in a quick and happy way.

Explain to the children that this style is very different to ballet; it is much quicker and livelier, and there are often lots of twists, turn and spins.

Your child may have their own idea about the rock ‘n’ roll style – it is fine to use these ideas. 


Cool Down - Your child is going to pretend to be a spider. They will move fast to begin with but as the spider gets 'tired' they will start to move slower and slower (Refer to 'cool down' spider instructions on uploaded document)

Marvellous Maths - Alive in 5!




Please watch 'video 5' from the website by clicking on the link above. Join in with the activities on screen and have a go at answering the questions. 


I have attached a document which encourages you to have a go at setting up a 'picnic' at home, for your teddy bears. Practice sharing out some food or objects that you can pretend are food. Talk together about who has the most, fewest or if they have the same. Is this equal or unequal? You could have some flashcards to 10, turn over one of them, collect that many objects and try sharing them out between the teddies to seer if they get an equal or unequal amount!

Phonics - Miss Johnson's Group


Please watch the 'loom' videos of the powerpoint presentations. We are learning 2 sounds today as we are trying to catch up with ourselves!

I have attached the audio files for the sound and song.

M sound

M song - One man went to mow

I have also attached an activity for you to play at home. You are 'sound talking' food items to match those on a recipe card. The recipe cards that need leaving whole have the orange border and the cards that can be cut up and placed face down have a black border. As an alternative to printing these, you can draw them out. 

Here is the loom for the next letter...

d Sound

Head, Shoulders...

I have attached some activities for this letter too. You can print, or draw out, the letter drums, cut them out, lay them on the floor and say a sound and your child has to jump on the letter that makes that sound. Or you could lay 2 together to make a CVC word, such as 'sit' and see if your child can sound out and blend to read the word you haver made. 


The music fans, you can print or draw out, cut them out and attach together and the one end using string or a split pin. Your child will dance to music and then, when you shout out a letter sound, they have to stop and find that letter sound on their phoneme fan. 

Phonics - Mr Singleton's Group


Good morning Reception,

Today we are looking at the letter and sound 'X'. Please watch today's loom by clicking on the link below. 


x sound


Old Macdonald

Documents are attached below and a 'Buried Treasure' game where you have to decide if the words are real or pretend. You also have the chance to make some of your own words!

Good morning Reception,

Our story today is called, 'Elmer and the Rainbow', I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!