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Try making a dance routine this Thursday morning, or sing along

White Rose Maths

Again, absolutely brilliant! Writing a spell which covers writing for different purposes in the Early Years Curriculum and, such a coincidence, halving food!

Marvellous Maths


Mr Singletons Group

Today I would like you to watch my Loom. I am going to show you how to use a number line to find out the answer to number bonds. I have attached one that can be printed, or you can ask an adult to draw one for you.

After I have demonstrated, I will show some flashcards of numbers. I would like you to ask your adult to pause the video in between flashcards so you can practice using the number line to figure out the number to go with it to make 10. Write these down and I will go through the answers at the end.

Miss Johnson’s Group

Today we are going to be looking at halving. Explain that halving is when something is shared into 2 so that both are the same (If you did the odd and even numbers from White Rose Maths last week, you can refer to the even numbers as numbers that can be halved fairly). Have a look at the ‘Sharing fruits between parrots’ power-point to help your child to understand about how to share numbers.

Now, find some objects that your child can use to share out between themselves and you. Make sure there are 10 objects. Ask them to pick out a number of objects e.g. 6. Ask them to share the objects out between themselves and you. Have they shared them fairly (3 and 3)? They need to do this to find half of the original number. How many did they have to begin with? (6)  How many have you each got now? (3) So half of 6 is 3. Repeat this activity, asking them to get other amounts of objects and share them. Try to catch them out by asking them to collect an amount of objects that can’t be halved. What does your child do? What do they say? Note down what they say or do or if they try to rectify the problem!



Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Today we are going to have a spelling test, based on or most recently learnt sounds.
  • Ask your child to write these words..
  • Jet, van, web, yet, zip, jacket, visit, buzz, wax, yap, fix, jazz.


Miss Johnson’s/Mrs Chamber’s Group’s

  • Today we are going to have a spelling test based on our most recently learnt sounds.
  • Ask your child to write these words…
  • Main, feel, light, load, boot, bark, tonight, soap,  cool, hard, market, cork, curl, down.