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Thursday 19th

Dough Disco - Start your morning off by warming up your fingers with your Dough Disco - The Ants Go Marching...

Miss Johnson's Group

We are going to start today by playing an interactive game to practice our letter sounds. 

Click on the link below. On this game you can choose to practice sets of letters (se1 to 4). your child will be told a sound and they have to click on all the bubbles that have that sound attached to them. They will need to listen carefully as the sound will change and they will be told a new one to pop!

For your next activity, i have uploaded a powerpoint for listening to cvc words. As you run the slide show, on each screen 3 sounds will be said as the letters appear. Beofre the adult clicks again to reveal the picture, see if you can blend the sounds together to read the word!

Mr Singleton's Group

So, first of all you are going to practice reading some CVC words. 

Click on the link below and scroll down to click on the game 'Hanging monkeys'. In this game your child will sound out the word on the leaf and then click on the correct picture to match it. 

Next, I have uploaded a caption and picture matching document. There are 9 pages but I am certainly now expecting you to do them all! Each page is a little more tricky than the one before as different sounds get added. You could try doing the first two pages or choose one sentence from each page. This does not need printing but can be done on screen by pointing. Your child needs to have a go at reading the sentence and then pointing to the picture it matches. This activity helps us to see if your child can understand what they have read. 

Today you are going to watch and take part in the second video in our 'Road Safety' learning sessions. 

Recap over the last video. Ask your child if they can remember what happened in the video? Can they remember some of the important words?


Now watch the video by clicking on the link and remember to discuss it afterwards to help your child to recap and consolidate on what they have learnt from the video. 

Happy Handwriting (Group 2)

Today i would like you to first practice writing s, a, t. Your child should not need the Espresso video's to watch the formation of these, but if you feel they need to recap then click the link below and login.

Username: student29797

Password: quinton

In the search bar type 'handwriting' the click on the tab with the 'F' next to it. Then on the left hand side click 'videos' and then select the letters. 


If you feel your child is confident in writing these letters, move on to p and i. 

So, last week you had a go at learning how to roll a ball and aim it. 

This week you are going to have a go at some kicking. I have uploaded a 'home learning' sheet with kicking activities on. 


The balloon activity is a really good one as this focuses on the strength of your kick, as well as 'back to me' where you kick a ball against a wall and see if you can kick it with enough strength that it comes back to you. If you kick it and it goes back further than you, think about how you can stop that from happening? Do you need to kick it a bit more gently? (Adults...see if your child can work this out for themselves) and vica-versa. If your ball doesn't make it back to you, what could you do?


'Keep it up' and 'It's a goal' focuses more on concentration, watching the ball, moving to the ball and control. I would love to see some video's of you doing a couple of these activities. Try and choose one for each different skill, strength and control!





Guided Reading

I will upload the video to Tapestry later on in the morning!

Toady, i will upload the powerpoint of the 'Elves and the Shoemaker' story. I would like you to read through the story but, adults, before you start the story, ask your child what they can remember from the story...characters?

Then, whilst reading, before you move to the next page, ask your child what happens next, to see if they can remember from listening to me read the story on Monday.

Last but not least, here are the lyrics to the next christmas nativity song. Actions video to be posted on Tapestry later.