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Thursday 01/10/20

Good morning everyone,

Thursday already!  I hope you're all ok and managing to do your school work.  I am really looking forward to seeing your best efforts.


laughHappy Fact laugh A group of bunnies is called a 'Fluffle' (especially in Canada).  They are also called a 'Colony' but I prefer 'Fluffle'.  What a great word!


Now on to today's work.  Go for it!


I hope you're keeping up with some daily reading!  Don't forget the online reading material - check out our website. Perhaps you'd like to listen to a story on audible?  Link below.

Morning Work

Today you are going to 'Hit the Button'! Click on the link below, then 'number bonds' and have fun trying to improve the speed and accuracy of your maths. You can choose whether to try number bonds to 10, 20 or 100. wink


Once again, mark your work from yesterday and do any corrections as independently as possible.  Then have a go at Flashback 4.

GOAL: to check calculations


Following on from the Fact Families work, you are now going to use that knowledge to check calculations.  If you are still a little unsure of inverse operations, please don't worry! We have been using this method already and we will be using it regularly in class, on our return to school. 'Just do your best'.

If you found that work easy enough, have a go at the extension (Ex).


GOAL: to complete a reading comprehension activity.

Today's English task is a reading comprehension task.  We have already done a few in Year 2 and I know that you have done comprehension work in Year 1, so you know what to do.  Read through the text several times - at least 3 times.  When you read the questions, underline the key words e.g. 'Tick one' or 'Find and copy one word' or 'Complete the sentence'.  Always read the question carefully.


There are 3 levels of difficulty using stars.  * is easiest,  *** more challenging.  I look forward to seeing your best efforts.