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Good morning Year 2.  I hope your week has gone well so far.  Keep're nearly there! laugh


Starter activity:  Practise x5 tables on Hit the Button.

GOAL: Tell the time to 5 minutes

Today you are going to do more of the same, so just do your best! You could start with yesterday's powerpoint again if you need to.  Then go for it!  I hope you feel more confident with it now.  There is another EX task if you want to do more.   


GOAL: about the geographical features of a seaside

Go through the powerpoint.  I'd like you to start by doing the sorting activity at the end of the powerpoint itself.  Draw the table into your Topic books, then complete it, using the key words that are given.


After that, do the labelling task.  There are 3 levels of difficulty * = easiest, *** = tricky. You only need to choose one.  There is an EX activity if you want to do more.