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Well, it's Thursday already! Have you been having a go at this week's project? I'd love to see what you've created on the gallery page!

1) GOAL- To add whole numbers with more than 4 digits (Maths)

First of all, mark your work from yesterday.


I think you'll be happy with today's lesson, as I know you all love column addition! Most importantly, remember to line up the columns correctly, and work neatly so as to not make careless mistakes.


The Espresso video clearly shows what is happening when we do column addition. SO, watch the video then have a go at the work! Remember, the username is student29797 and the password is quinton.

2) GOAL- To use parenthesis correctly (GPS)

Remember, we can use commas, brackets or dashes to indicate parenthesis.


Watch the Espresso video (username = student29797/ password = quinton) and then have a go at the work! There's a quiz you can have a go at to check you understand before starting your work. If you manage the work and the extension, have a go at making up some sentences of your own which include parenthesis. Make them as detailed as you can!