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Hello Year 6,


I hope that you are all well and enjoying the home learning this week. Today you are going to be recapping adding and subtracting negative numbers and in literacy creating a timeline about Kensuke's life.



1. Mark yesterday's work.

2. Look at the BBC clip about positive and negative numbers. Work through the Classroom Secrets PowerPoint on negative numbers.

3. Work through the questions from Target Your Maths on adding and subtracting negative numbers. Make sure that you check your answers.

4. Challenge yourself to answer the reasoning and problem solving questions.




Today, I would like you to listen back to Chapter 8 in Kensuke's Kingdom and jot down the significant events about Kensuke's life. Then I would like you to create a timeline for these events. Think of a creative way to present them. You may not have dates for all these events but you will certainly be able to put them in a date order. Then I would like you to illustrate your timeline. You might also like to find out a bit more about what happened during the war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All details about the timeline are on the planning sheet.


Have a good day.


Mrs Betteley

PowerPoint on negative numbers and reasoning and problem solving questions

Add/subtract negative numbers

Add/subtract negative numbers 1
Add/subtract negative numbers 2

GOAL: To create a timeline of Kensuke's life