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Good morning.  Before you start your work I’ve put on a clip on about Charlie Bone, today your reading comprehension is about Charlie Bone. He is a boy with magical powers and there are a series of 8 books by Jenny Nimmo about the adventures of Charlie Bone. 




We are still thinking about time but before you begin you have your big maths to do. I have put the same sheet onto one sheet so if you do print it off you can do one today and the other one tomorrow. Before you begin go through the sheet and put a dot by the easier ones so you can do these first and then go back and finish the other ones if you have time, remember you only have one minute. Last term there was a knowledge organiser on time I have included this again in case you need it for your time facts. The telling the time game is also included.

GOAL about converting time units and using am and pm.   Today we are going to recap on our time skills from the last few weeks.  Firstly I would like you to do the hours, minutes and seconds worksheet. For each question you will need to convert the times into the same unit eg. 90 minutes = 1 hour and 30 minutes.   300 seconds = 5 minutes.   2 hours and 30 minutes =  150 minutes,  you need to decide whether you will convert into minutes or seconds. Remember there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. You will need to calculate for each question, especially for worksheet b.

TYM A = worksheet 1, TYM B = worksheet 2, TYM C = worksheet 3. Your TYM work is telling the time in the 12 hour clock.


Today we are going to a reading comprehension from the workbook we use in school, before you start I am going to ask you to look up the words ominous, gravely, solemn, petered and write the words in a sentence.


GOAL about finding evidence to support a preference for a feeling

First like in class read the text through twice; the vocabulary you have looked at before reading the text should help with your understanding. Once you have read the text then do the questions you don’t need to print the sheet just write the answers in your book, in sentences. Remember to give your reasons eg. I think they were nervous because .....   I think Charlie and Fidelio are feeling.... because......

As it’s THANKFUL THURSDAY here is your clip and joke. The rockhopper penguins are very resilient birds, they do not fly but are good swimmers and hoppers, they don’t live in the snow but on a steep rocky coastline.


How do you make seven an even number? You take off the s.


What do you call a happy penguin? A pen-grin