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Hello everyone! Keep remembering to just try your best! Have you been reading lots this week?

1) GOAL- To solve multi-step addition and subtraction problems (Maths)

Firstly, mark your work from yesterday.


When we are problem solving, remember to break the questions down and to think about which operation you need to use. Watch my Loom video and we will have a go at a few together before you start your work!

2) GOAL- To understand synonyms and antonyms (GPS)

Firstly, you can check your information gathering answers from yesterday.


Do you remember what synonyms and antonyms are? If not (or even if you do- to check), watch the Espresso video!


Then, have a go at the work. Do both the synonyms and the antonyms work. Perhaps you'll be able to get on to the extension too! I'll post the answers tomorrow.