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Good Morning. Hopefully you are managing to stay cool in our heatwave, to start your day off you can do a warm up to kids zumba, they aren't very long just a few minutes for each one, it will wake you up.


This week our reading comprehension is on chocolate, continuing on with our theme of chocolate from your project and written work. Before you begin you need to look up and write the definitions of the words bitter, import and ancient. Your clip this morning showed the ingredients in the 3 main types of chocolate.

GOAL about the history of chocolate from a non-fiction text?


To start finish your 33 times table sheet you did the other 3 days hopefully you have improved each day and your time has gone down.  If you are not scoring 30 or above repeat the 33 sheet next week, don't worry we want you to go at the pace you are comfortable with, if you have completed the 33 challenge move onto the 44 challenge for next week. Once you have completed your tables work you have some time problems to solve. You may be able to do these in your head or you can solve these by doing a time journey line as I showed you in the loom last week. Where you do a start line and then do jumps of time to solve the problem. GOAL how to calculate time duration using start and end times.



As it’s thankful Thursday here is your weekly joke and clip. Enjoy the sunshine ☀️ 
Why are Saturday and Sunday the strongest days? Because the others are weak days.