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Good Morning. I’ve put a warm up clip on if you fancy waking yourself up into Thursday morning and I have included a clip on what is trade to help you understand some key words to help with your reading comprehension on fair trade. Watch the clip and do the quiz.


Firstly do your 33 or 44 times table challenge. Hopefully you are improving, next week there is a 55 challenge only move up onto the next challenge sheet if you scored above 30 on the 33 challenge and 42 on the 44 challenge. Today we are doing our final part on time GOAL calculating units of time and duration.   Remember to do your working out with jottings, you are not expected to do it in your head. You have your worksheets to do and at the end there is a duration sheet and an extension sheet. I have included some time activities off espresso for you to do. Try the first 2 activities challenge 1 and 2.


To tie in with our topic you are doing a reading comprehension on fair trade today. Before you begin can you write a definition of import and export, the clip at the start of the day can help you. There is also another short clip on fair trade bananas to help you answering you questions. 

It’s THANKFUL THURSDAY. Firstly we are aware that you have not being having spelling tests we are putting in a list of spellings that you would be expected to know, we will be doing work on spellings when we return to normal school. However if you want to practise your spellings in the meantime here is the list, perhaps just do 5/6 at a time as some of them are tricky.

Here are your weekly jokes: When do ducks get up? At the quack of dawn.

What is the favourite fruit of a sheep? A Baaaaa nana.