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Picture 1

Try out some ‘boogie beebies’ this morning!

White RoseMaths

Some counting and label making and then planning a kitchen disco! Maybe you can write sentences for the different moves the fruit and veg will do at the disco!

Marvellous Maths

I have uploaded a 3D shape sorting activity and you can either print of draw this out. Encourage your child to cut out the pictures of everyday objects and stick them onto the correct poster.

Adults, I would now like you to question your child about their 3D shapes. Ask them to select different named shapes. Ask them to tell you something about one of the shapes. Try to encourage (but not tell them) the language of vertices, edges and faces.

Please note down what they say. This will give you and myself, an idea of their level of understanding and any 3D shapes they need more practice with.

I have also uploaded some ‘Chilli Challenges’. Have a read. They go up in order of difficulty depending on the colour of the chilli. Discuss your answers together and please note down what your child says. This is really good for their problem solving skills and ability to give explanations and justify their answers.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Today we are going to recap over ‘th’ and ‘ng’.
  • First click on the PhonicsPlay link and login. Select ‘resources’ and either the game ‘Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto or Dragons Den. Select ‘phase 3’ and then +th for one game and +ng for another.
  • Now click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘scraps phonics’ into the search bar and click on the tab. Click on ‘activities’ on the left hand side and scroll down to ‘chshth ng’. Choose any game/s to play.
  • Now ask your child to write these words.
  • Moth, with, ring, thick, bang, song, rung, think

Miss Johnson’s/Mrs Chamber’s Group’s

  • Introduce the new phoneme ‘ure’. There is not a video to go with this sound so, to demonstrate how to say the sound, write the word ‘pure’ out and place sound buttons underneath. It’s almost like saying ‘your’.
  • Click on the PhonicsPlay link above and login. Select ‘resources’ and ‘Picnic on Pluto’ and the ‘Phase 3’ and +ure so your child can practice reading words with this sound in.
  • I have also uploaded a ‘circle that word’ sheet to print or look at on screen. Ask your child to choose the word that goes with the given picture. If printed, they can circle the word.
  • Now ask your child to write these words.
  • Sure, lure, cure, secure, insure, manure.
  • Now choose 5 of these sentences to write out for your child to read, depending on the sounds they need more practice with.
  • Do teeth feel sharp? Can a shark sit in a chair? Can a torch light up a porch? Is all hair fair? Will a farmyard be full of manure? Will the moon light up the night? Can you shear a sheep? Did you hear an owl hoot at night? Can a vet cure a sad cow?