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Try out some ‘boogie beebies’ this morning!

White RoseMaths

Some doubles using 2 dice and drawing rockets and sharing children into rockets for a space adventure! It doesn’t ned to be fair though!

Marvellous Maths

Today we are looking at adding and subtracting to totals up to 20.

First, watch the Numberblocks video compilation of examples where they have had to add and subtract numbers, by clicking on the weblink.

I have attached some addition and subtraction colour by numbers sheets. I would like you to use a selection of objects and a number-line to find the answers. I have also uploaded an addition and subtraction bus game you could play with your adult.

I have also uploaded some number flashcards to 20. Ask an adult to either print these or draw them out. They can then hide them around the house or garden. You can then go and hunt for 2 numbers and your adult can tell you whether you need to add or subtract the numbers.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Today we are going to recap over ‘ai’ ‘ee’ and ‘or’.
  • First click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘Pollys phonics’ into the search bar and click on the tab. Click on ‘activities’ on the left hand side and play the game ‘sorting sounds ai ee’.  
  • I have uploaded a document called ‘ai’ or ‘ee’. Either print this or draw the pictures out and ask your child to write the words underneath the picture, identifying if it is an ‘ai’ word or an ‘ee’ word.
  • I have also uploaded a ‘find the or’ sound document. Using only the first page, either print this or draw out the pictures. Ask your child to identify if the picture has an or sound in its name and then write the word underneath if it has.

Miss Johnson’s/Mrs Chamber’s Group’s

  • Ask your child to write these words.
  • Wood, fair, cure, bark, look, fight, loaf, burn, owl, join, fear, letter.
  • Model reading words with two syllables, splitting them into the two words to sound out and blend, and then putting the words together as one. (chicken, tonight).
  • Now write these and ask your child to read them.
  • boatman, rooftop, farmyard, market, lightning, bedroom.
  • Now write these sentences and ask your child to read them.
  • The farmyard is full of pigs and cows. Lightning might hit a boat tonight. Rats run on the rooftops in the dark.