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Thursday 7th January

Good Morning and welcome to your second day of homeschooling.😁


Today you will be picking up your homeschooling pack, you have a folder to keep all your work in so keep it altogether and the worksheets safe.  Daily we will explain what you will need to do with the work in your pack; included in your pack will be your mathletes book you will be expected to do the work weekly and when you return to school we will be marking it.  Remember you will be bringing your work back into school after lockdown so we can see what fabulous work you have achieved, so we will be expecting your work to be of the standard we see in school.  Parents we appreciate that sometimes your child will need your help but with their written answers let them to it by themselves and if it needs correcting; putting in capital letters or punctuation or spellings use a red pen after they have completed their work. Thank you for your support.


Our history topic this term is REIGN OVER US, we will be looking at the English monarchs from William the Conqueror to our current Queen Elizabeth II. Today we are going to be thinking briefly about Elizabeth II.  We have a loom clip for you to watch about Elizabeth II to explain who she is and a you tube clip to assist with your research for the activity. We will be asking you during the term to do research on various monarchs but can we remind you to stay safe online and use child friendly websites here are a few examples:

  • bbc bitesize KS2
  • primary homework help
  • history for kids
  • ducksters
  • school run
  • kids konnect
  • kids kiddle


When you have finished your work you might like to discuss the monarchy worksheet with someone and work out who is who on the worksheet.


Today we would like you to have a go at doing your times tables rockstars and then we are going to a recap activity on Roman numerals. Don’t worry if you still find it tricky we will revisit Roman numerals again.

Maths Activity: Roman Numerals

Here is the second part of the story from The Bayeux Tapestry, remember to listen and watch as you will be doing some work on this story next week. 
Enjoy the rest of your day and have a look through your homeschooling pack. On your spelling list from last term we had a spelling test list for tomorrow but under the circumstances I am delaying that spelling test until next week, don't worry if you don't know where the list is I am sending a new one in your homeschool packs.

Well done for completing day 2 of your homeschooling 😀