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Thursday 7th January

Welcome back to your learning. Like yesterday, do the best that you can. Remember to check answers in maths and best joined handwriting in literacy. If you have any spare time, learn your times tables and your spellings (these are in your pack when you collect them).



Today's lesson is all about looking at two maths statements and comparing them. This sounds hard but it isn't! Here is an example:   3 x 2   and 4 x 10 are both maths statements. Comparing them means thinking about which is bigger or are the answers equal?         3 x 2 < 4 x 10



< means "less than"

> means "greater than" or "more than"

= means "the same"


(You could remember that the crocodile likes to eat the bigger meal! You can explain this to your family.)


You can watch me talking about today's work and giving more examples:



GOAL: To write about a Memorable Journey

As our topic is Transport. Your literacy task today is to write about a memorable journey you have taken on a type of transport. This trip could have been a quick journey to the shops or a long, tiring trek to somewhere far away. The Transport could have been a bus, a train, a plane, a boat, a ferry, a hovercraft, a hot-air balloon, a car or even your own bike.


What I am looking for is:

1) lots of expanded noun phrases - this means detailed descriptions of the journey ...

2) Adverbs to start sentences: quickly, luckily, surprisingly, amazingly, unfortunately... 

3) Place prepositions to start sentences: On my right; Over to the left; Outside; In the front of the car...


Your first paragraph should include why you remember it. Don't forget to proofread for capitals and full stop. Edit to make sure sentences start in interesting ways.


You can watch this video to learn more:


Class Story

Click here to hear the next part of our class book The Worst Witch: