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Thursday 7th January

Good Morning Everyone!


I hope you all had a good nights sleep and that you're ready and raring to go today!  Especially as you should now all have your new books!


The orange books are for maths and the purple topic books are for all other home learning work.  Please ensure you include the date at the top of each page so.  You could also write in the GOAL for each piece of work if you wanted too.


Right!  Shall we get our brains moving and our bodies ready for work... lets dance!  How about an earlier start today, 9:30am for the dance?  I know Year 1 children from Quinton will all be dancing their socks off!

CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls") (Official Video)

"CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" by Justin TimberlakeListen to Justin Timberlake: more videos from Justin Timberlake: ...

Phewwwww!  That's jolted me awake for sure!


Right, lets start with some maths!


GOAL:  To add ones using number bonds


Below is the worksheet that you will need to complete as we go through the session together.  You will be prompted when to complete each question.


Please note - questions 2 and 3 have been duplicated in error - you do not need to complete them twice!

Next we have a couple of links that might help you with your activities.


The first on is an interactive 10 frame.  You won't be able to use it during the Loom but when you have it paused you may find it useful for future use.  There is a quick demo for how to use it at the end of the loom video but it is very easy to use.


I have also included an interactive game for you to play.


This is useful for helping recall of number bonds to both 10 and 20 as well as other number facts you might want to experiment with.

There is a demo for how to play this if needed after our session on Loom.


Next up today we have a reading comprehension.  A Walk by the River.


You will find this sheet has been included in the pack with your books that you collected yesterday.


Please kindly save these comprehension sheets for our Looms each week.


Please allow the children to read this to themselves independently and only help them on words they are struggling to sound out.

I have also included some information for parents on the reverse of this sheet.


Today I will guide you through and support with reading the questions but as the weeks progress I will be expecting the children to become independent with this.


Once you have completed this then please have a go at drawing a picture and writing about a time where you have been on a walk by the river.  If you haven't ever walked by a river then you could write about what you think it would be like.  Use the 5 senses to help you with your writing.

What did/would you see?

What did/would you hear?

What did/would you smell?

What did/would you touch?

What did/would you taste?   Hopefully not river water but maybe you had a picnic!

Finally today we have a phonics activity.

Today we are focusing on split digraphs.  These are the magic 'e' words.


A split digraph is a sound 'split' up by another letter e.g. time    the 'i_e' sound is heard in this word but has a 'm' in the middle of it.  The 'ie' sound has been split by the letter 'm'.


Split digraphs are words with vowel sounds in and it is the 'e' on the end that means we pronounce the vowel sound rather than the sound the letter makes.


We have worked hard on these in school, first of all have a go at this activity link.  I've done a short Loom to show you how to use it.