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Thursday 7th January

Morning Class 5,


First, I would like to apologise for the maths Loom video, which did not work yesterday! Unfortunately, it did not load upload properly after recording it - teething problems I am afraid! I hope that you managed to get on with the rest of the work set for Wednesday.


Today's work:

1. Listen to the Loom recording of Chapter 1 - Bad News.


2. Plan a diary entry as Max. 

Listen to this second loom video that explains about reading Chapter 1 - Bad News, which is on the powerpoint. You will need to think about Max's feelings in this first chapter of the book. In fact, you need to try and imagine that you are Max, as you will be planning a diary entry as Max and today is all about exploring his feelings and noting these down and thinking about the different events in the chapter and how Max feels towards other people, like his parents and Zia.

This is only the planning stage, on Friday you will be writing the diary entry.


3. Maths - comparing and ordering numbers to 100,000 and also rounding numbers within 100,000.


4. Topic - 1st history lesson on the Mayan civilisation. Go through the slides then select an appropriate worksheet or worksheets depending on how keen you are feeling! Have a go and have fun finding out more about the Mayans!




Mrs Betteley



Revision of place value

1. GOAL: Compare and order numbers to 100,000

2. GOAL: Round within 100,000

Listen and watch the loom video about both these GOALs and then go through the PowerPoints for each one, then complete the worksheets.

Look at the PowerPoint on comparing and ordering numbers to 100,000 first then complete the varied fluency questions, followed by the reasoning and problem solving questions.


Afterwards, have a look at the PowerPoint on Rounding within 100,000 and once you have done this complete the varied fluency questions and reasoning and problem solving questions. Complete the level of work that you have feel most comfortable with first then try a different level. Remember to challenge yourself! It's how to develop your learning and understanding - even if you find it a bit hard and it really makes you think - have a go! It doesn't matter if you get it wrong - that's how we learn - by making mistakes and then seeing where we have gone wrong!



TOPIC - Mexicans and Mayans

HISTORY 1 - GOAL: To explore where and when the remains of the Mayan civilisation were discovered



HISTORY 1 - GOAL: To explore where and when the remains of the Mayan civilisation were discovered