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Thursday 7th January

Good morning Year 2,

How did you get on yesterday?  I tried to ease you in gently, so I hope it didn't take too long.  You will soon get back into a routine.

I have noticed that some of you may not have the Homework Timetable in the packs that you picked up from school, so I have attached the document below.  


Start with the Flashback 4 for today - see yesterday's document. It's all in one 'folder'.  Then watch the video for an introduction to today's lesson.  Once you have done that, start the work.  Remember to write your numbers the correct way round!

After you have finished the work, get a red pen and mark it.  Correct any mistakes using the red pen.  Answers below. 
As a final task, have a go at the 'True or False' question!  


Today's English task is our usual comprehension (Snow Bears).  Have a look at the video if you want a refresher on what to do.  I have attached the comprehension document below because I know that some of you will be collecting your folder, when an older sibling's pack will be picked up. I don't expect you to print everything off, so you can either wait for the pack as the comprehension sheet is in there or, just write 'Snow Bears' at the top of your topic book page, with the date.  Then answer the numbered questions.  A couple of them may be just a single word.  That will be just fine smiley

Snow Bears comprehension


Here is the second part of the story.  I wonder what happens to Sammy as he rests? What are your predictions?