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Thursday 8th October

Good morning everyone,


Well, here we are - last morning of Home Learning.  Mrs Nicholds and I are really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing you all tomorrow.  yes


Happy Fact:  There has been a Comedy Pet Photo Competition recently.  Have a look at the website to see the finalists.  I'm sure they will make you smile smiley  I think we should have a similar competition at school - what do you think? Let me know tomorrow!


Copy and paste the link:

**UPDATE** Take a look at the 'News and Events' - Bits and Pieces' section of our website to have a look at the Harvest donation letter.  If you are able to bring a donation to school tomorrow, that would be fantastic.  Thank you everyone. 


Today, I'd like you to re-read your school book.  Will you be able to retell the story when you come in to school tomorrow?  Will you remember who the main character is?  If it's a non fiction book, what facts will you be able to recall?  Test it out today and get an adult to ask you some VIPERS questions. smiley

Morning Work

Your morning work today is to practise your spellings again.  They are a bit more tricky this week, so use this time to practise writing them out.  You could try the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. See how you get on. Here is the full list. 

  1. ace
  2. juice
  3. fancy
  4. city
  5. circus
  6. cancel
  7. face
  8. mercy
  9. recent
  10.  once
  11.  princess
  12.  distance


Start off by doing the Flashback 4. 

GOAL: to add and subtract ones and tens

Another easy task for you to finish off your Home Learning.  I am sure that you will have no problem with this whatsoever, so enjoy!  There are two tasks to do today and no extension. 


The English task today is Comprehension.  It is exactly the same as the ones we do in class, and you have already done a few now, so this will be another task that shouldn't be a challenge!  Make sure you read through the text carefully, at least 3 times, then read the questions.  Underline any words that you think are important and when you are re-reading the text, underline any relevant words/phrases in the text that will help you to answer the question accurately.  Then check your answers wink


It's a poem and it's fun!

That's it Year 2, 

You have just completed your Home Learning.  Hooray!  Well done to you and your parents.yes 

We can't wait to see you tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your work in - lots of HOUSEPOINTS to be given out!!

From, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Nicholds. heart