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Hello Year 6,


I hope that you had a good day yesterday and enjoyed writing a detailed description of the island.

Here is today's work.



First mark the answers for Wedesday's work.

Next, your work for today will be to round decimals to up to three decimal places. Remember that decimal places means places after the decimal point. Also remember the rounding rules - if a number ends in a 5 or above round up, if it ends in 4 or below round down.


Here's an example - round 4.16 to 1 decimal place. This would round to 4.2 because the 6 in the hundredths place is a 6, so you need to round the digit to the left the 1 tenth up to 2 tenths.

If you had a question asking you to round to 3 decimal places then 5.9647 would round to 5.965 because the last digit is a 7.


If you do C questions try and do the division without using a calculator.

Good luck!



Today in literacy, I would like you to write a story, imagining that you have woken up on an island. All details on the planning sheet. Let your imagination run free and create a really exciting story. Watch the BBC clip on planning an adventure story to help you.


Have a great day!


Mrs Betteley

Answers to Wednesday's maths p.47

Rounding decimals questions from Target Your Maths

GOAL: Writing a story