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Hello Year 5! I hope that you are all having a good week!

1) GOAL- To understand the place value of numbers up to 100,000 (Maths)

See how you got on with your work yesterday by checking your answers. Can you do your corrections too?


Today, we are having another go at place value but with bigger numbers.


Numbers 1-3 are nice and simple.


For number 4, if you can't do it in your head, you might need to use column subtraction (or addition if you have the two parts and not the whole). Most of you will be able to do it by looking at the place value of the digits though.


For number 7, you'll need to work out what the number lines are going up in jumps of!

2) GOAL- To understand modal verbs and to use them correctly (GPS)

First of all, mark your work from yesterday.


Watch the MC Grammar video remind you about types of verbs. Then, watch the Espresso video to understand more about modal verbs. Then, you can have a go at the work!