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Hello Year 5! I hope that you managed ok yesterday- remember to just try your best!

1) GOAL- To round numbers within 100,000 (Maths)

You can firstly mark your work from yesterday.


Today, we are going to have a look at rounding numbers withing 100,000. We did some rounding last week, so hopefully this won't be too tricky! Today's work is just with bigger numbers. I have re-posted my rounding video from last week which you may want to re-watch. You can use the method of underlining the column you are rounding to and drawing an arrow under the column to the right again today!

2) GOAL- To explore why the rainforest is under threat and the measures taken to protect it (Geography/ Reading)

Today, we are going to learn about why the rainforest is under threat and what we can do to protect it. 


Firstly, have a read of the slides. Then, using the 'Tuesday's work 1' document, think about some questions which you would like to ask a rainforest expert, relating to what we're learning about today. Once you've done that, use the internet to research the answers to your questions. Remember, if you type into Google 'deforestation for kids' the search results will be more accessible for you.


Once you've done that, create a poster about how we can protect rainforests. You can use the template on 'Tuesday's work 2' if you'd like to!