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Tuesday 12th Jan

Guided Reading


Good morning Reception,

Today, we are reading 'The Rainbow Machine'. I hope that you all enjoy it. 

Funky Fingers


Good morning Reception!

Let's get your fingers exercised this morning using these 2 activities. Unfortunately, the video demonstrations will not upload to the website. I have uploaded a couple of play dough making recipes. Number 1 requires Cream of Tartar and number 2 does not. This playdough can be kept in an air tight container and then it will last for a couple of weeks.


1st Activity - Play dough for ‘Dough Disco’ manipulation exercises - Click on the link for a jungled themed Dough Disco 


2nd Activity - 'Using tweezers, kitchen tongs or pegs to pick up small objects and place them in a pot/tower'.

Lets have some funky fingers fun!!

Super Sentences - Group 1


Next on the agenda is Super Sentences. I have attached the document and this will work in exactly the same way as last week. Your child will copy the boxes in turn, starting from the top and they can have a go at reading out the words and sentences first. Please try to do this on lined paper or draw some lines for your child, so they get used to which letters sit on the lines and which drop underneath.

Super Sentences - Group 2


Next on the agenda is Super sentences. This will work the same way as last week, encourage your child to copy the words starting from the top box. Concentrate on their formation of the letters, looking at anti-clockwise movements, moving from top to bottom or down and up for the different letters.

Happy Handwriting - Group 2


Today I would like you to practice writing these letters... l, t, u, i, j
These letters are known as 'ladder letters' as they all use the same pattern of movement with a pencil, going from top to bottom.
REMEMBER...on the letter 'i' the flick at the bottom goes to the right and on a 'j' the flick is slightly bigger and goes to the left!
If possible, please practice these on lines, either using lined paper or draw some lines on plain paper. This is to encourage the children to sit the letters on the line, of drop any below the line that should.


If you login to 'Espresso' using the link from the 'Useful websites' observation, you can then type 'handwriting' in the search bar and click on the second result with the F next to it. Then select 'videos' from the left hand side of the screen and you can scroll through to click on each lower case letter if your child would like to remind themselves of how these letters are formed.

Topic - 'All About Me' rainbow




Today, for your Topic work, you are going to be thinking about words to describe your personality. I have attached a document of describing words. Adults, please read out these words to your child and ask them to say yes if they think they are like a word that they hear. maybe they can give an example of a time where they may have demonstrated that personality trait.


Next, please open the 'All About Me Rainbow' document. You can either print this of draw one of your own. Encourage your child to choose words from the mind-map that best describe themselves, and write each word in a section on the rainbow. They may want to copy the written word or have a go at using their phonics to sound it out themselves. They can then choose a colour to colour each section of the rainbow, that matches the word they have chosen. The colours do not have to be in the order of a real rainbow. They can choose whatever colours they like!

Marvellous Maths


Firstly, I would like you to watch this numberblocks episode. 


Now please click on the link below which will take you to the white rose maths videos. Please select and watch video 3. 


Now take a look at the activity on the PDF and have a go. Please try and record how many you get inside and outside the target each time by writing the numerals down. Maybe you could try this with a friend and see who gets the most in the target!

Phonics - Mr Singleton's Group


Good morning,

Today we are looking at the letter and sound 'V'. I hope that you enjoy the game and activity sheets attached. You do not have to print the sheets. You can copy the words onto paper and cut them out and turn them over, as well as the pictures.

Please watch today's loom of the Powerpoint, by clicking on the link below.

Have fun :-) 

V Sound

Alphabet Song

Mulberry Bush

Phonics - Miss Johnson's Group

Please watch the loom video of the powerpoint presentation. Your child can join along with some parts of this and then I have attached audio files for the songs. 


I have also attached your 'Parent information sheet' which you could print if wanted, to keep for your child to recap this lesson. There are also some 'insect sound button' words your child can have a go at sounding out and blending to read. These can be printed or read on screen.

I sound

Happy and you know it