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Hello Everyone!


Hope you had a good Monday and you're looking forward to Tuesday!


Let's start with a Dance!  I've chosen today's song on a recommendation from a Year 1 child. I was very surprised when they asked for this song - I honestly thought they had asked for the wrong thing but no!

So, 9:30 - Join us for a dance!  

Stephen Wolf - Born To Be Wild

Right, after rocking out - lets get on with some maths!


Today we are going to have a go at partitioning numbers into 10s and 1s.

The document below has lots of pages!  Just choose 3 or 4 to have a go at but make sure you get a variety.  The get more challenging as you go through.

Right!  Onto Literacy now.

We're continuing with our Dinosaur theme this week.  Have a look at this PowerPoint below.

Now have a go at creating a fact-file about Mary Anning.  You can use the template below or feel free to create your own.