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Good morning everyone.  I hope you had a good day yesterday.  yes


Starter: Hit the Button (number bonds)

Today we are continuing with revision of work already covered, so I hope you remember at least some of it!

Today's task is to compare number sentences.  There are a few different ways to compare number sentences e.g. using the symbols < (less than or fewer than), > (more than or greater than) and = (equal to or the same as). Others may ask you to make the answer on one side of an = symbol the same as the answer on the other side of the = symbol.  Just take your time and do your best!  There is an extension (EX) if you want to do more. 


GOAL: learn about seaside holidays past and present

Today you will find out about and compare seaside holidays past and present.  I have included two powerpoint presentations for you, one with information and one is just photographs.  Both are really interesting so I hope you enjoy them.  I certainly did!  laughHave a look at the powerpoint presentations, then complete the task.