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Tuesday 17th

Good morning Reception!

I wonder if anyone is wearing 'odd socks' again today or if you have found your matching pairs!


Lets start the day with our Dough Disco again!

Miss Johnson's Group

Today we are going to learn the new letter 'l'. Click on the Espresso link below, login using 

Username: student29797

Password: quinton

In the search bar type 'scraps phonics' and select the tab with an 'F' next to it. Click on the letter 'l' and watch the video. I have also attached a document with the jolly phonics action on it. 

Now, login to PhonicsPlay by clicking on the link below and using

Username: Quinton

Password: Purple

Select 'resources' at the top and then scroll down and select the game 'flashcards speed trials'. Click 'start' and 'phase 2', choose your race track, car colour and design and off you go. Flashcards of letters will appear on screen and your child needs to say the sound that letter makes. If they get it right, press the tick and if wrong, the cross. Any letters they got wrong will be shown to them again at the end for another try!

Now scroll down and select the game 'reading robot'. Then select 'enter own words' and enter these words.

sat, tap, sip, pin, nap, tin, sit

Encourage your child to say the sounds in the word and have a go at reading the word by blending the sounds. Again, they may find this tricky at first so stay patient and say the sounds for your child if they can't hear the word themselves. 

Mr Singleton's Group

First of all, i would like the adult to say a letter sound and your child to have a go at writing the letter that represents that sound. Do 10 letter sounds and look at the formation of the letter as your child writes it. 


Next, I would like you to login to Espresso using the link and login details from 'Miss Johnson's Group' above. 

In the search bar type 'scraps phonics' and then click on the tab with the 'F' next to it. Then select 'activities' from the left hand side. Scroll down to 'set 5' and select 'reading'. Let your child have a go at this game and then feel free to let them have a go on some of the other ones in this set.

Happy Handwriting (Group 4)

Today i would like you to have a go at forming the letters 's' and 'a' again. Click on the 'espresso' link below and login using the details from Miss Johnson's Group for phonics. In the search bar type 'Handwriting' and then click on the tab with an 'F' next to it. Then click on 'videos' down the left hand side and scroll down to select videos to watch for these letters. If yu feel your child is forming these letters well, then try 't as well. 

We are going to start having a look at our Road Safety video's. First of all, ask your child why it is important that we stay safe near a road. Do they know how we can stay safe near the road. What do we need to make sure we do before we cross over a road? Where should we cross a road?

Now, click on the link below to watch the first video. Normally, we would have someone come in and present this to the children interactively, in the hall. Unfortunately, at the moment, they cannot come into school so they have created these videos instead. They are designed so the children can watch some of it an then join in with other parts, so have fun!

Now that you have watched the video, just recap with your child and see if they can remember the important words learnt in the video. 


So we have something exciting for our music today...I don't want to spoil the surprise so all I will say is, please check Tapestry for more information!!!