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Good morning Year 5! I hope that you got on ok yesterday. You must be becoming rainforest experts by now!

1) GOAL- To round numbers to one million (Maths)


Today will be our last online session on rounding, with even bigger numbers (up to one million). It is still the same process. Underline the column you're rounding to, and draw an arrow under the column to the right.



-if you're rounding to the nearest 10, your answer should have one zero on the end

-if you're rounding to the nearest 100, your answer should have two zeros on the end

-if you're rounding to the nearest 1,000, your answer should have three zeros on the end!


I've put on a link to an Espresso video, which reminds us why rounding is important as well as giving some examples- this should get you back into the swing of it! Remember, username = student29797 and password = quinton.

2) GOAL- To be able to identify a variety of animals from the Amazon rainforest (Geography/ Science)

Today, we are going to be investigating the animals which live in the rainforest. Watch my Loom video which will talk you through the slides. Then, cut out the pictures of the animals, stick them into your book, and use the branching database to label them.


Your extension task for today is to create your own branching database for some other rainforest animals (you may need to do some research to find the animals which you're going to include). Remember, you can only use 'yes' or 'no' questions and you will need to plan out your branching database in rough first! Good luck!