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Good Morning!  

This morning we will start with some maths.  Share this PowerPoint together and see if you can guess the coins!

Test yourself and see how much you remember from yesterday!

GOAL:  To count amounts of money

GOAL:  To show a given amount of money using coins

Now have a go at a selection from the activities below.


The activities present different challenges so have a look through and see which one you feel like trying!  I would like you to complete one of each please.  

One where you have to count the money and write the answer and one where you look at the money amount then use the coins to show it in the jar.  Feel free to do more than one - and if you find the first one too easy then make your second one more challenging! 

Literacy today is reading - a book of your choice today!


Find your favourite story and read it to your parents! Then print off the board game below and play together - answering the questions about the story you have just shared together.  If your feeling adventurous then you can stick some of the question cards in your book and write some of your answers in your book too.