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Here is your Tuesday morning ‘wild workout’

White Rose Maths

Some fantastic addition activities today to go with Mr Singleton’s Marvellous Maths addition focus this week!


Marvellous Maths


Mr Singleton’s Group

Today I have attached a number line to 10 and an ‘Elmer the elephant colour by numbers’ addition to 10 sheet. Recap with your child about how to use the number line, to start on the first number in the sum and then do the second number of jumps over the numbers to reach the answer. If your child would prefer to use objects to work out the answer then that is totally fine as well.

Miss Johnson’s Group – Odd and Even numbers

I have uploaded a document which contains pictures of a resource we use in school called Numicon. Either print this out or draw out the shapes and cut around them. Give them to your child and explain that we are going to use these to find numbers that are even and numbers that are odd. Without any more explanation ask your child to sort them into two piles, one that they think is the even numbers and the other they think is odd.  (They may see that the even ones are even on both sides and the odd ones seem to have a ‘spare’ overhanging piece on). Discuss how they did afterwards and explain how we can use the Numicon to see the odd and even numbers. Ask them to draw a line down the middle of a page in their blue book and write ‘odd’ at the top of one side and ‘even’ at the top of the other. Ask them to write the numbers into each side, up to 10.

Now look at the Osman and Eshal power-point and see if your child can sort the odd and even number of items back into the correct bags.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Say a variety of different letter sounds and see if your child can write the correct letter that represents that sound.
  • Introduce the phoneme ‘qu’. Click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘Scraps phonics’ and click on the first result. Then select ‘qu’ and watch the video. The video will demonstrate how to form this sound when writing it. Draw a line in your child’s book and ask them to practice their qu across the line. Draw attention to the fact that this is 2 letters that make one sound and that the single letter ‘q’ always has a ‘u’ after it when writing words.
  • I have also attached a document with the action and song on, and the jolly phonics songs link so you can find and sing the song.
  • Play ‘Quickwrite’ and ask your child to write these words.
  • quiz, quit, quick, liquid, quack, yap, buzz, zip, yes, yell.
  • Now play Yes/No sentences. Write them down, ask your child to read them and put a thumbs up or down if they think the answer is yes or no.
  • Can a duck quack? Is a zebra a pet? Can a hen peck? Is a lemon red? Can a fox get wet? Can a web buzz?

Miss Johnson’s Group/Mrs Chambers groups

  • Recap over sounds previously learnt. Ask your child to write these sounds.
  • ai, oo, th, igh, oa, ng, ee, ar, or, ur, ow.
  • Introduce the grapheme ‘oi’. Click on the Espresso link above, and login. Type ‘Polly’s phonics’ and click on the first result. Then select ‘oi’ and watch the video. 
  • I have also attached a document with the action and song on (Song to the tune of ‘Old Macdonald). 
  • Play Quickwrite and see how fast your child can write these words.
  • oil, boil, coin, coil, join, soil, poison, foil, turnip, burn, down, town
  • Now play ‘Yes/No’ qustions. Ask your child to read each sentence and d a thumbs up if they think the answer is yes and thumbs down if no.
  • Can you surf on a coin? Can a cow get a coin? Can you put a fish in foil? Will an owl join a town? Can oil boil? Will a car need oil? Can soil be red? Will a coil go boing? Can you burn oil?