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Tuesday 29/09/20

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you are all well. 


laughHappy Fact laugh Did you know? That villagers in India knit woolly jumpers for elephants when the weather is very cold (near freezing).  Yes, elephants get cold too!


So let's make a start on Tuesday's work.  Remember, you can do it!


How did you get on yesterday?  What have you read?  Can you remember who the main character is or are you reading a non-fiction book?  Remember to ask an adult to make a note in your homework diary.  

Morning Work

Your morning task today is to practise the spellings for this week.  After you have done that, write a sentence with each word. All of the spellings are listed below.  Just practise the ones that you have been given on your sheet smiley

  1. edge
  2. badge
  3. fudge
  4. hedge
  5. sledge
  6. cage
  7. wage
  8. huge
  9. large
  10.  change
  11.  smudge
  12.  strange



Use the answers below to mark yesterday's work.  Correct any mistakes, as independently as possible.

Then do the Flashback 4.

GOAL: to compare numbers


Cut out the template to make the 'greater than/less than' symbol and it will help you to compare numbers.

You will be using the following key terms and symbols:

> more than or greater than 

< less than or fewer than, and

= equal to or the same as.

If you would like a further challenge, try the extension activity (Ex)


Continue with your fact finding research about the Big Five.  Write as much as you can.  You might like to write some fun facts about each animal to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading your facts.