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Good morning and we hope you have a great day. smiley
Maths warm up.  Make sure you do your 33 times table challenge, time yourself for 5 minutes and see if you can beat your time from yesterday. Today you should be doing the second box on the 33 sheet.   The answers are below.

Yesterday's Maths Answers: Column Subtraction 1

MATHS - GOAL: To practise using a written method to subtract.

How did you get on with yesterday's maths? If you remembered the method and could answer the questions in your normal section, then do that section for today's maths. If you found it too challenging, then try the section below.

Maths Activity: Column subtraction

Maths Extension (optional) : Big CLIC challenge - have a go at these questions and write them in your book.

ENGLISH - GOAL: To find synonyms for imperative verbs.


English Activity: Synonyms for imperative verbs

English Extension (optional): Look at the picture below 'Samurai' and have a go at the activity.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?


The samurai wore armour and carried his swords.

The wasp flew towards him.

The Samurai stared at his enemy.